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Go Willow, Go Blue! #LIUB

Meet Willow
She has 15 Angelina Ballerina movies and 12 Barney movies that she watches on loop.
She has 218 skills under her belt.
She speaks two languages; English and sign language.
She has 25 signs and can say “mama and dada.”
She loves to eat, and can just about eat anyone under the table!

Her favorite foods are avocado, meat, grapes and bread.
She can stack 6 blocks, throw a ball, run, go up and down stairs by herself and can tackle her brother!
Her favorite toy is the TV clicker, a shopping cart and her tablet which she can work like a boss.
She loves her baby doll and sleeps with her every night.
She laughs at least 120 times a day.
She has one amazing 10 year old brother who loves her so!
She has one mama and one dada who loves her more than anything.
She is 6 years old
She has long beautiful brown hair, grayish-green eyes and the most beautiful ruby red lips.
She has a micro deletion on chromosome 1 and autism but that’s only a tiny little bit of what makes her so beautifully her.

Happy Autism Awareness Day to my 1 in 68! I hope you all see what I see that chromosomes are just a number. I am a fighter and a doer. I will use Willow’s story and what I learn along the way to make a difference in her life and others. I will exhaust my energy to give Willow everything that she needs to be the best she can be.

Today, we celebrate you, Willow. We love you so very much. 

Today, you are you. 

That is truer than true 

There is no one alive who is youer than you! 

-Dr Seuss

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